Address: 29 Dava Dr, Mornington VIC 3931
Phone: +61 431 717 600
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About Origins Counselling & Healing
Origins Counselling & Healing is located at 29 Dava Dr, Mornington VIC 3931. Origins counselling and healing | Spiritual Counselling | Spiritual Counsellor | Mornington Peninsula Counselling Services | Professional Therapy in Mornington Peninsula | Expert Counseling Support | Mental Health Services in Mornington VIC | Compassionate Counselors in the Mornington Peninsula | Emotional Wellness on the Mornington Peninsula | Personalized Mornington Peninsula Counseling | Effective Therapy Solutions in Victoria | Mornington Peninsula Psychologists | Healing Counseling in Victoria | Origins Counselling & Healing | Spiritual Counsellor | Emotional Healing| Spiritual Counselling
What is Spiritual Counselling? How can a Spiritual Counsellor help? Direct, honest and fast acting - therapy that aids and supports relief from negative emotions such as anxiety, depression, failure, loss and grief, anger, fatigue, confusion, feelings of being 'stuck', need for control, lack of self-understanding. Also, for those seeking a spiritual perspective on their life and issues. Expert counseling services in Mornington Peninsula, Victoria. Personalized therapy sessions for mental health and emotional well-being.
This form of therapeutic process is non-secular. It is direct, honest & caring. It works by establishing the negative emotions & behavioural patterns to their point of origin, so the issues in your life are able to be given greater clarity. These stumbling blocks once understood, can be more easily tackled. By assisting you in aligning your values, we can offer a path of choice that enables you to break free of limiting and negative behaviour.  This pathway has shown to be fast acting, promoting and establishing positive change in a person’s life.

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