Address: 2/2135 Frankston - Flinders Rd, Hastings VIC 3915
Phone: +61 452 278 975
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About O’Connor Car Detailing
O’Connor Car Detailing is located at 2/2135 Frankston - Flinders Rd, Hastings VIC 3915. O'CONNOR CAR DETAILING Mornington Peninsula's Detailing - O'Connor Car Detailing
We Are Mornington Peninsula's Ceramic Coat and Detailing Specialists, we help solve your detailing needs, and give you that new car look again
We offer a professional high-quality service that you expect from the moment you walk into our showroom, so you are assured you have chosen the right business to work with. From classic cars, muscle cars, custom cars, daily drivers to new cars and motorbikes we provide the services you need and guide you through the journey, so you have the best customer experience. As a young boy growing up, I always had an interest in cars, and keeping them clean and shiny. I loved the attention it would bring when people would say your car is always clean and immaculate. So, it’s of no surprise that I am doing what I love, to help others achieve the same results and goals they wish to have. Whether you enjoy spending hours and hours on the weekend cleaning your car, or you just want a car that’s low maintenance, A simple wash and it looks great every time then we can give you the information and knowledge you need to make an informed decision.

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