Address: appointment only, 26 Ocean Beach Rd, Sorrento VIC 3943
Phone: +61 409 169 265
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About Meredith Langmaid Photography
Meredith Langmaid Photography is located at appointment only, 26 Ocean Beach Rd, Sorrento VIC 3943. Meredith Langmaid Photography Melbourne | Weddings | Events | Portraits | Photo Restoration & More
Welcome to Meredith Langmaid Photography. Meredith Langmaid is a professional photographer based in Melbourne, Australia. Meredith Langmaid Photography offers services in Wedding Photography, Portrait Photography, Commercial Photography, Professional Photography, Baby Photography, Photo Restoration Websites, Advertising Material, Portraits, Special Events, Real Estate and many other services.Meredith Langmaid Photography provides specialised high quality photo editing service of removal of objects, wrinkles, whitening of teeth, colour casts, colour enhancement. Restoration of old damaged photographs, rejuvenated that may otherwise appear to be ruined forever. All beautifully enhanced for you to your satisfaction at affordable prices.

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