Whether you have an inclination for history, art, science, or any other realm of museum exploration, this website serves as an invaluable resource to unearth the diverse array of museums available in the area and what they have in store for curious visitors like yourself. Take your time to leisurely peruse through the listings and discover the museums that align with your interests and preferences.

Here are some further insights into some of the museums listed on the Mornington Peninsula directory:

The Briars Historic Park and Homestead: Located in the delightful enclave of Mount Martha, this museum offers visitors a splendid opportunity to delve into the rich tapestry of Mornington Peninsula’s history. Through a combination of engaging exhibits, enthralling demonstrations, and interactive experiences, you’ll have the chance to immerse yourself in the storied past. The museum is housed within a charming 19th-century homestead and showcases a marvelous assortment of period clothing, furniture, and various artifacts that vividly evoke a bygone era.

Dromana Museum and Historical Society: Nestled in the heart of Dromana, this fascinating museum shines a light on the captivating local history. From the early days of settlement to the evolution of the local fishing industry and the remarkable journey of the local schools, the exhibits here offer a captivating glimpse into the region’s heritage. Take your time to explore the displays and be sure to visit the gift shop and research center for a delightful memento or to delve deeper into the intriguing stories of the past.

Frankston Historical Society Museum: Situated in the vibrant community of Frankston, this museum serves as a gateway to the area’s captivating history. With a diverse range of exhibits and displays, you’ll have the opportunity to delve into the realms of local industry, transportation, and the vibrant tapestry of community life. The museum showcases a remarkable collection of artifacts and photographs that eloquently chronicle the tale of the region. Don’t forget to peruse the gift shop and research center for a memorable keepsake or to quench your thirst for further knowledge.

Hastings Western Port Historical Society: Located in the historic town of Hastings, this museum takes center stage in narrating the captivating story of the Western Port region. Immerse yourself in the exhibits that explore the early settlement, the vibrant local industries, and the remarkable evolution of the town itself. As you explore, be sure to swing by the gift shop and research center, where you’ll find an assortment of fascinating souvenirs and resources to enhance your understanding of the area’s past.

Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery: Situated in the vibrant locale of Mornington, this exceptional museum offers a captivating fusion of contemporary art exhibits, special exhibitions, and exciting events throughout the year. As you meander through the gallery, be prepared to be enthralled by the sheer creativity and talent on display. Don’t forget to stop by the gift shop and café, where you can indulge in delightful offerings, and be sure to inquire about the educational programs tailored for visitors of all ages.

Rosebud and District Historical Society: Nestled in the enchanting community of Rosebud, this marvelous museum proudly showcases the enthralling local history. From the development of the local fishing and tourism industries to the remarkable journey of the local schools and community organizations, the exhibits here breathe life into the past. Take the time to wander through the displays, visit the gift shop and research center, and allow yourself to be transported back in time.

These are but a mere glimpse of the captivating museums listed on the Mornington Peninsula directory. Depending on your individual interests, it may be worth exploring the listings for art galleries, heritage sites, and other cultural attractions in the area. So go forth and embrace the allure of the Mornington Peninsula’s rich cultural tapestry!

Richard Linton’s Online Gallery

3 Picnic St, Frankston South VIC 3199
+61 3 9775 2522

Rye Civic Hall

Rye Public Hall Reserve, Rye VIC 3941

Crib Point

220 The Esplanade, Crib Point VIC 3919
Go to site

Hastings-Western Port Historical Society Museum

7 Marine Parade, Hastings VIC 3915
+61 490 132 011
Go to site

The Briars Historic Homestead

450E Nepean Hwy, Mount Martha VIC 3934
+61 3 5974 3686
Go to site

Old Aeroplane Company

73 Mornington-Tyabb Rd, Tyabb VIC 3913
+61 3 5977 3355

Montalto Sculpture Trail

33 Shoreham Rd, Red Hill South VIC 3937
+61 3 5989 8412
Go to site

Dromana and District Historical Society

359A Point Nepean Rd, Dromana VIC 3936
+61 3 5981 9119
Go to site

Coral Beach

Esplanade, Mornington VIC 3931

Cape Schanck Museum

Lighthouse Reserve, Cape Schanck Rd, Cape Schanck VIC 3939

Old Aeroplane Company

100/70 Tyabb Rd, Tyabb VIC 3913
+61 3 5977 4539

Victorian Maritime Centre,

220 The Esplanade, Crib Point VIC 3915
+61 476 109 223
Go to site

Mornington (Tourist) Railway Station

18 Watt Rd, Mornington VIC 3931
+61 1300 767 274
Go to site

Tanti Railway Station

76 Bungower Rd, Mornington VIC 3931
+61 1300 767 274
Go to site

Mornington Museum and Historical Society

789 Esplanade, Mornington VIC 3931
+61 3 5976 3203
Go to site

Sorrento Museum

840 Melbourne Rd, Sorrento VIC 3943
+61 3 5984 0255
Go to site

Charlie’s Auto Museum

175 Purves Rd, Arthurs Seat VIC 3936
+61 419 887 801
Go to site

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