G’day, folks! When your trusty ride starts making strange noises or isn’t running as smoothly as it should, you know it’s time to seek help. And we’re not talking about any help – we’re talking about quality, reliable, and professional help from seasoned mechanics who know their stuff. That’s exactly what you’ll find when you visit our platform.

Each mechanic listed on our website is a true expert in their field. These are folks who live and breathe engines. They’ve got years of experience, top-notch training, and a genuine passion for what they do – and it shows in their work.

But these mechanics aren’t just about fixing problems. They’re about preventing them too. They understand that regular maintenance is the key to keeping your vehicle on the road and out of the shop. That’s why they offer comprehensive services that cover everything from oil changes and tyre rotations to brake checks and fluid top-ups.

When you need a mechanic who’ll treat your vehicle like it’s their own, have a squiz at the professionals on our platform. They’re ready and waiting to get you back on the road, safe and sound. Don’t just trust your vehicle to anyone – choose a quality mechanic who knows their stuff and cares about their customers. Get your vehicle the care it deserves today!

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    Motor Court Mornington

    37 Mornington-Tyabb Rd
    +61 3 5975 1144
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    Sweet Motors PTY Ltd.

    3/14 Bruce St
    +61 3 5977 2919

    Peninsula Service Centre

    Unit 6/4 Merino St
    +61 3 5981 1211
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    Glenstar Prestige Pty Ltd

    1/10 Dalkeith Dr
    +61 3 9088 1797
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    ML automotive repairs

    3/14 Bruce St
    +61 3 5975 7503
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    Mornington Prestige

    13 Bennetts Rd
    +61 3 5973 6670
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    Mornington Car and tyre services

    2/10 Bruce St
    +61 3 5975 1000
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    EuroCars Road & Track

    4 Elite Way
    +61 414 582 104
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    Peninsula Mechanical Services

    4 Bennetts Rd
    +61 3 5975 0544
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    21A Virginia St
    +61 3 5975 7777

    Peninsula Rangie

    26 Kookaburra St
    +61 3 9783 4303
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    Wells Automotive – Repco Authorised Car Service Mornington

    5 Progress St
    +61 3 5977 0866
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    Rapid Tune Mornington

    205 Mornington-Tyabb Rd
    +61 3 5973 4712
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    PTJ’s Mechanical Services

    2/36 Watt Rd
    +61 3 5975 5630
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    Mornington Motors

    36 Progress St
    +61 3 5975 1666
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    Mornington Automotive Specialists

    22 Progress St
    +61 3 5975 7700
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    Garage Europa

    77 Watt Rd
    +61 3 5972 3322
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    Ultra Tune Mornington

    7 Pentecost Rd
    +61 3 5975 5111
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    Our directory contains 18 mechanics from Melbourne. The mission of our website is to facilitate the search for local businesses. Find mechanics near you - addresses, phone numbers, social media - all information on the Themorningtonpeninsula

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