Dog Walkers

G’day! If your furry friend is itching for a bit more exercise or you’re finding it tough to fit those daily walks into your schedule, you’re in the right spot. Our directory is your ultimate guide to professional dog walking services on the Mornington Peninsula.

The dog walkers featured here are genuine dog lovers who are trained to handle dogs of all sizes, breeds, and temperaments. They understand that each dog has unique needs and they’re committed to ensuring your pup gets the right amount of exercise and stimulation.

But they’re more than just walkers. They’re skilled at managing a pack and know how to handle any situation that may arise. They’re well-versed in dog behaviour and use positive reinforcement to promote good manners and safe play.

These professionals aren’t just about the walk; they’re about providing an experience for your dog. They choose safe routes, often changing up the scenery to keep things interesting for your pup. It’s all about ensuring your dog’s walk is a highlight of their day.

So, don’t let a busy schedule keep your pup cooped up. Browse our directory and choose a quality dog walking service from our list.

Dog Walking + Minding

+61 409 148 088
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Walkies! Dog Walking Services

+61 413 387 404
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Sunset Hounds Mornington Peninsula

+61 483 833 879
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Peninsula Paws

+61 411 129 695

Peninsula Pet Sitting

+61 478 789 049
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Jim’s Pet Patrol Bittern

2522 Frankston - Flinders Rd
+61 131546

For a walk – Dog Walking Service

+61 429 169 608

Paws at Play

+61 458 963 003
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Got Ya Dog

+61 431 530 412
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Pettopia HQ – Dog walking

+61 417 519 959
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4 Dogs Walking

Main St
+61 413 874 301
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Our directory contains 11 dog walkers from Melbourne. The mission of our website is to facilitate the search for local businesses. Find dog walkers near you - addresses, phone numbers, social media - all information on the Themorningtonpeninsula

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