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Transport yourself to a realm of peace and beauty as you enjoy and submerge into the depths of the peninsula’s secluded sandy bay inlets and surf beaches.

Glorious Summer Shores

Engage yourself in a breathtaking coastal haven by venturing into the shimmering sandbars. The gentle, rhythmic embrace of waves feels unreal at the golden beaches of Port Phillip Bay. The shores form an idyllic link between the metropolis of Melbourne and the coastal towns of Mount Eliza and Mount Martha. The coastal panorama further unfolds into an expansive playground. It is widely spread from the expanse of Saftey Beach to the coastal gems of Dromana, Rosebud, Rye, Sorrento, and Portsea.

Follow the heartwarming early morning ritual, securing your sun shelter amidst other joyous holidaying families. Embrace the refreshing waters and enjoy the moments with a friendly game of beach cricket or underwater exploration. Indulge in a delectable feast during lunchtime and end your day with endless strolling down the coastline.

Thrilling Coastal Adventures

Embark on winter strolls along the shores to witness rocky, sea-battered basalt headlands, the untamed beauty between Cape Schanck and Point Nepean.

Grab your board and conquer the crashing surf in the world’s most formidable water stretch, Bass Strait. Test your surf skills on Gunnamatta, Portsea, Sorrento, and Rye back beaches.

During peak holiday time, some peninsula beaches are patrolled. Be cautious, as some surf beaches may not be suitable for swimming. Check for safety signs and be mindful of powerful rips and reefs.

Port Phillip Bay beaches


Explore long expansive bay beaches suitable for diving, sailboarding, swimming, snorkelling and yachting. Your aquatic adventure awaits with full-proof summer lifeguard patrols, launching facilities and foreshore reserves.

Mount Eliza

Explore the hidden gems of small bay beaches between Mount Eliza and Mornington, like Daveys, Canadian, Half Moon bays, and Ranelagh and Sunnyside beaches. Offering a blissful and unique charm.


Embrace the tranquil waters of safe swimming stretched around adjacent regions such as Mills, Scout, Shire Hall, Mothers, Royal and Fishermans beaches.

Take advantage of boat and yacht facilities to embrace picturesque foreshore reserves, picnic areas, barbecues, and scenic lookouts at Schnapper Point. During the summer season, Mills Beach is patrolled by lifeguards.

Mount Martha

Experience the enthralling collection of secure, sandy bay beaches, boating and yacht amenities, scenic foreshore reserves, and barbecue facilities. Witness the beauty of walking path, while being safe among summer lifeguard patrols.


Cherish the alluring camping destination and beach spanning from Safety Beach to Anthonys Nose. Enjoy reserves equipped with picnic shelters, playgrounds and barbecues. Embrace the calmness around you with weekend lifeguard patrols during summer.


Enjoy the bliss of a family-friendly swimming beach on the bay, shielded by offshore sandbars. Revel in the delight of scenic picnic areas with shaded foreshore reserves, barbecues and play facilities. Appreciate the reassurance of weekend lifeguard patrols in the summertime.


A paradise for beach lovers. Witness the beauty of the wide sandy bay beach with a vast foreshore reserve and a scenic jetty. Take pleasure in little things by enjoying picnic and barbecue facilities and boat launching amenities accompanied by charming walking and cycling track.

Safety Beach

Experience the pleasures of a serene, sandy bay swimming beach which is known for boating, delightful foreshore reserves and a wide playground for children.


Enjoy a perfect beach day in the allure of a sandy bay beach in Blairgowrie, accompanied by a charming foreshore reserve, barbecue and picnic settings. The beach also accommodates a convenient boat ramp, perfect for small craft and pleasing cycling and walking track.

Sorrento Front Beach

Unwind and relax at the most beloved bay beach, a breathtaking holiday spot of Sorrento. Relish the convenience of picnic and barbecue facilities while enjoying serene foreshore reserves. It is also a departure point for Queenscliff-Sorrento car and passenger ferry. Make your experience memorable with additional amenities, including a cycling & walking track and boat launching and yachting facilities.

Portsea Front Beach

Explore the glamour of the most popular and cherished holiday destination at Portsea Front Beach. It has ample space for relaxing and unwinding with the convenience of picnic spots and barbecue facilities.

Ocean Beaches

Portsea Surf Beach

Found between the fascinating Mornington Peninsula National Park, Portsea Surf Beach is a magnet for surf enthusiasts. Caution is advised as it can be treacherous. Experience peace of mind with lifeguard patrols in summer.

Sorrento Ocean Beach

Another heartwarming gem within the Mornington Peninsula National Park, Sorrento Ocean Beach, offers an ethereal surf setting. Indulge in an exhilarating experience with a picnic and barbecue area, kiosk and tea rooms alongside the sandy shores. Lifeguards ensure safety during the summer months.

Flinders Ocean Beach

Nestled between the Mornington Peninsula National Park, Flinders Ocean Beach brings a charming setting with the combination of sandy bay beach and foreshore reserve boating, barbecue, boat ramp and play facilities.

Shoreham Beach

Witness the mesmerising beauty of sandy beaches framed by pine trees near Stony Creek. A perfect destination for family exploration on rocky platforms and reefs. The foreshore reserve is filled with picnic spots and barbecue facilities.

Point Leo Surf Beach

Experience the thrill of swells rolling in from Bass Strait in Point Leo Surf Beach. It offers amenities like charming picnic and barbecue spots, a kiosk, play facilities and camping grounds. Lifeguards ensure safety during summer.

Westernport Bay beaches 

Merricks Beach

A safe sandy bay beach with scenic walking tracks that wind through the foreshore reserve leading to the mesmerising shoreline.

Balnarring Beach

Known for its well-vegetated sand dunes, Balnarring Beach offers a pleasing setting of camping and caravan parks and foreshore reserves with barbecue, picnic and play facilities.

Somers Beach

Unwind and relax at the most beloved sandy heaven, Somers Beach. Relish and bask in the coastal beauty with convenient picnic spots and barbecue facilities within the expansive foreshore reserve.

Frankston Beach

Frankston Beach, Frankston South VIC 3199

Rye Beach

Bay Trail, Rye VIC 3941

Balnarring Beach


Leash Free Beach


Dava Beach


Koonya Ocean Beach


Mills Beach West


South Beach


Seaford Beach

127-128 Nepean Hwy, Seaford VIC 3198

Chelsea Beach

The Strand, Chelsea VIC 3196
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Moondah Beach

Mount Eliza VIC 3930

Safety Beach

Safety Beach VIC 3936

Sorrento Ocean Beach

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Sorrento Front Beach


Mount Martha Beach South


Point Leo Beach

Point Leo VIC 3916

Gunnamatta Ocean Beach

Fingal VIC 3939
+61 3 8627 4699
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Mothers Beach

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Shire Hall Beach

Mornington VIC 3931

Mills Beach East

Mornington VIC 3931

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