Appliance Repair Services

G’day! It’s a real pain when a vital household appliance decides to throw in the towel, right? What you need is a top-notch appliance repair service that will put things right without a fuss, and that’s precisely where our list of experts come in.

They’ve got skills that have been honed over years in the business. They know their way around all sorts of appliances, from your daily-use fridge, to the dishwasher that takes care of the aftermath of your Sunday roasts, and even the air conditioning unit that keeps you cool during our infamous Australian summers.

With a real knack for diagnosing issues fast and accurately, they’re able to get right to the heart of the problem and sort it out. They’ve got access to quality parts, which means that when they fix an appliance, it stays fixed. You won’t find yourself back to square one a few weeks down the line.

But it’s not just about the practical side of things. These professionals also have a genuine commitment to providing outstanding customer service. They’re straight-talking, honest, and they don’t keep you in the dark. They’ll tell you what’s wrong, what needs to be done to fix it, and they’ll give you a fair price for the work.

Plus, they’ll even throw in some free advice on how you can keep your appliances running smoothly to avoid future breakdowns. Because, let’s face it, we could all do with a few more years of service from our household appliances, couldn’t we?

Sew Fix Sewing Machine Repairs

22A Aster Ave
+61 406 195 945
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Appliance Services

+61 430 191 828

NGroup Priority One Pty Ltd

65 Watt Rd
+61 1300 647 687
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Barry’s T V

9 Barakee Dr
+61 3 5977 7833


Shands Rd
+61 3 5989 6461
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+61 417 141 118
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A-Grade Appliance Service

+61 447 020 142
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Ace Oven Repair

+61 3 5979 4565
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O’Brien appliance repair

St Anthony Ct
+61 1300 858 403
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Peninsula Oven Service

+61 3 5987 2005
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Affordable Appliance Repairs

+61 418 591 654
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Peninsula TV & Video Service

1/8 Virginia St
+61 3 5975 0800
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Peninsula Appliance Parts

factory 10/33 Colemans Rd
+61 3 8790 8633
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Boronia Appliance Repairs

Unit 1/159 Boronia Rd
+61 3 9762 1668
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WAM Electrical

Unit 10/33 Colemans Rd
+61 3 9775 0001
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Mike Power

+61 410 700 460
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Arrive On Time Appliance Repairs

+61 1300 137 121
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Peninsula Appliance Service

+61 438 304 467
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