sunrise and sunset places mornington

If you’re a sucker for a bit of nature’s show, Mornington’s got you covered. This piece will share some top-notch spots in Mornington where the day starts and ends in an absolute ripper of a sight.

Mount Martha Beach: It’s the go-to spot for locals and globetrotters who fancy a stunning sunrise or sunset view. This beach, with the fiery sky reflecting off its clear waters, is a smasher for your morning run or arvo stroll.

Schnapper Point: A heritage spot in Mornington that serves up the sunrise and sunset on a silver platter. You could enjoy a soothing wander along the pier as the sun dips behind the horizon. It’s a grouse choice for a romantic meet-up or a fun family day out.

Safety Beach: Less crowded than its neighbours, Safety Beach delivers an uninterrupted, serene sunrise and sunset show. Especially impressive is the sunrise, with the sun making its grand entrance over the distant, undulating hills.

Arthurs Seat: This spot is a tourist magnet for all the right reasons. The panoramic vistas from its peak are downright breathtaking. Whether you’re up for a scenic drive or a chairlift ride, this spot is ace for a sunrise or sunset view.

Mills Beach: Nestled between Mount Martha and Mornington, Mills Beach offers a corker of a coastal view. It’s the place to be for a relaxing saunter or a swim, with the sunrise and sunset serving as the backdrop.

Balcombe Estuary Boardwalk: The ultimate spot for peace seekers. Here, sunrise and sunset moments are accompanied by views of lush wetlands and local wildlife. Perfect for a tranquil walk or a picnic.

Dromana Pier: Not just for the angling enthusiasts, this pier offers a cracking view of the sunset over the big blue. Take an easy stroll along the pier, letting the sun’s farewell of the day wash over you.

To wrap it up, Mornington is a goldmine of nature’s beauty, where sunrises and sunsets put on a daily spectacle. These seven locations barely scratch the surface of Mornington’s awe-striking sunrise and sunset spots. So grab your camera and a loved one, and set out to soak in these mesmerising moments that Mother Nature has on offer.