A garden that doesn’t require maintenance

“Every gardener’s dream,” you’ll say. But here, as in the nude makeup, behind the simplicity and naturalness lurks a lot of invisible work to the world. And yet the low-maintenance garden is a trend aimed at saving time and enjoying the work. Its idea is to abandon the complex in the care of exotic and fastidious plants, giving preference to cereals, moss, perennial flowers, trees and shrubs with a natural appearance of the crown. In the construction of such a garden your guidelines should be natural and oneness with nature.

Garden and garden

Not only sunbathing in a lounge chair, but also to take care of plants during the cottage season – quite a fashionable trend, which is especially strengthened in the life of urban residents during the pandemic coronavirus. Especially since now there is everything for gardening and garden work to save your time and health. It is possible to apply modern equipment and not to neglect the achievements of science.

A green office

Working in the city in the summer is quite difficult because of the heat, stuffiness and an overwhelming desire to lie by the pool, sipping a cocktail. For those who work remotely, there’s a way out – and that’s a gazebo office. The office in the country house or at the cottage is quite possible to take to the open air. The main thing – to provide a roof or canopy, as well as unobtrusive fencing – for example, a living wall of vines, to distract from the summer joys would be a little less.

Natural fences

Vertical landscaping is a great way to unobtrusively and gently zone the space. On your own plot, it can be used as living walls in places designed for relaxation and privacy. Vertical bushes will make the outside fence more “friendly” and create an atmosphere of coziness and tranquility in your backyard. This trend allows the imagination to run wild – you can use both climbing plants and hanging structures, all the way up to bulbs, planters and wooden boxes.

Sun, air and water

If with the first two criteria of the ideal countryside recreation in the countryside usually there is no problem, then the water objects, and we are not talking now about swimming pools, there is not on every site. This year, tiny ponds, local water cascades will firmly take their place in the landscape. Important not the size of the body of water, and its presence and ability to transform the design of the site with his presence alone. The trend is natural as usual, so concrete and other heavy structures – not the best option.

Gardens for children

Fresh air, outdoor games, new experiences and constant learning of the world around them through all the senses – that’s what participation in garden life gives a child. Involve even the smallest of them can be created by creating small play areas on your site or building a hut, a house in a tree, which, of course, all children dream of. Let the care of the homestead or garden plot become for them an interesting quest, not a chore.