Art in Public Spaces mornington

Public art has become a vital part of communities all around the world, and Mornington is no exception. The town has a rich history of public art installations that have added character and identity to public spaces. In this article, we’ll explore some of the most iconic public art installations in Mornington, their histories, and how they contribute to the town’s culture and identity.

Mornington has a vibrant art scene, and the town boasts a wide range of public art installations that reflect the diversity of the community. From murals and sculptures to installations and performances, public art has become a vital part of the town’s landscape, enhancing public spaces and adding character to the community.

  1. The Pillars: The Pillars is a series of murals that have been painted on the concrete columns under the Mornington Pier. This installation began in 2015 when a group of street artists were given permission to paint the columns with marine-themed murals. Since then, the Pillars have become one of the most popular tourist attractions in the town. The murals are constantly evolving, with new artists being invited to paint them on a regular basis.
  2. The Driftwood Sculptures: The Driftwood Sculptures are a series of artworks made from driftwood that have been collected from Mornington’s beaches. The sculptures were created by local artist Barry Jackson, who uses the natural beauty of the driftwood to create unique pieces of art. The sculptures are scattered throughout the town, with many of them located on the beachfront promenade.
  3. The Sea Dragon: The Sea Dragon is a stunning sculpture that was created by artist Dino Consalvo. The sculpture is made from stainless steel and stands over 10 meters tall. It was installed on the Mornington Peninsula Freeway in 2004 and has become an iconic landmark in the town. The Sea Dragon was designed to reflect the natural beauty of the Mornington Peninsula’s coastline and has become a symbol of the town’s connection to the sea.
  4. The Bronze Pelicans: The Bronze Pelicans are a series of bronze sculptures that were created by artist Ben Gilbert. The sculptures depict a family of pelicans and were installed in the Mornington Park in 2006. The sculptures are a popular spot for children to play on and have become an iconic part of the park.
  5. The Red Hill Silos: The Red Hill Silos are a series of silos that have been painted with murals by artist Jimmy Beattie. The murals depict scenes from the local area and reflect the natural beauty of the Mornington Peninsula. The silos were painted in 2019 as part of the inaugural Red Hill Street Art Festival and have become a popular tourist attraction in the region.
  6. The Aboriginal Mural: The Aboriginal Mural is a large-scale mural that was painted on the side of a building in Mornington’s Main Street. The mural was created by local artist Matt Bonner and depicts the local indigenous culture and history. The mural has become a symbol of the town’s commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion.
  7. The Lighthouse: The Lighthouse is a public art installation that was created by artist Anthony McInneny. The installation is a giant lighthouse that stands over 10 meters tall and is made from steel and glass. The lighthouse is located at the entrance to the Mornington Harbour and has become an iconic landmark in the town.
  8. The Piano Project: The Piano Project is a public art installation that was created by artist Adrian Spurr. The installation consists of five pianos that have been decorated with unique designs and placed in public spaces throughout the town.